Christian Bierbrauer – Infotainment & Exhibition Magic

Distinct, informative and enormously effective in advertising.

Whether it’s Open House Day, your product debut, during your client reception or at your exhibition booth: Christian Bierbrauer and his close-up magic and/or stage show will fascinate your audience at this and many other opportunities. Your products or advertising messages can even play the major role as infotainer Christian Bierbrauer will integrate them into his presentation in a playful, exciting and effective way. Information crucial for your advertising success will be directly picked up by your audience and remembered more easily. Choose Christian Bierbrauer to be the main attraction at your exhibition presentation and, as if by magic, your booth will become the center of attention.

The combination of information and entertainment by Christian Bierbrauer is the ideal addition to your exhibition and product presentation of all sorts as well as your client events, special sales events and more.