Christian Bierbrauer – Vita

Born in Munich in 1981, Christian Bierbrauer began developing his magic skills in 1995. Living with his parents in South Korea at that time, he made his first public appearances, including performances on Korean TV.

In 2002, he became an official member of the Magic Circle in Germany (Magischer Zirkel von Deutschland) and passed his qualifying exams with flying colours. He took part in the international Austrian championship in May 2006, where he ranked 3rd place.

In early 2007, Christian Bierbrauer was appointed as a teacher at the Magic Academy Germany (Zauberakademie Deutschland) where some of the best-known German and international magicians have been teaching to date. As he has specialised in a type of magic where utmost dexterity is indispensible, he focused his teaching on the supreme discipline: manipulation.

In July 2008, Christian Bierbrauer made 2nd place in card magic at the German championship of magic and only one year later he managed to place among the top ten as the best German close-up magician at the world championship of magic in Beijing.

Ever since, Christian Bierbrauer has been booked for numerous exclusive corporate and private events in Germany and abroad.

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